a ragnarok item database


dbro is a ragnarok item database that provides accurate item descriptions for eathena, rathena, and hercules.

dbro is a proof of concept for eadb.compiler; both are open source.

the problem

all private ragnarok servers do not have item descriptions that match their item scripts

  • eathena, rathena, and hercules have different item scripts
  • each ragnarok client version have different item descriptions

the community of servers, developers, and translators

  • do not work together
  • different interpretations
  • different customizations

but most servers do not have time to ensure accuracy of item descriptions.

  • syntax errors
  • human mistakes
  • too many items !!!

the solution

eadb.compiler is a tool that directly translates the item attributes and scripts into descriptions

  • allow a higher level of interpretation of item attributes and scripts
  • cross reference mob, skill, pet, produce, and mercenary databases
  • complex expression evaluation with variables and conditions to produce min and max values
  • support pre-renewal or renewal for eathena, rathena, and hercules item database
  • support text and lua format for old and new ragnarok clients
  • support flavour text with item description

eadb.compiler is written in C with a optimized lexer, parser, translator, and generator.

eadb.compiler is tested with Valgrind for memory leak and runtime errors.

eadb.compiler has been in development since 2009 with over three major rewrite from scratch.

tl;dr eadb.compiler is very fast, robust, and useful for item development

written by trickyloki3